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Today, mobile devices allow people to engage more often, in more ways, and from more places than ever.

We are a technology company that provides a real-time location services platform for developers to integrate into existing apps to engage their customers at scale.

Our inspiration began from films such as Blade Runner (based on the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep) and The Minority Report depicting relevant, specific and location based content.  Our vision is to provide information that consumers embrace as a ‘welcome interruption’ and change the face of digital advertising forever by giving advertisers a platform that integrates with their current eco-system allowing them to engage their community in real-time.  As it turns out a locations services platform is invaluable for all types of locations services solutions across health, logistics, defence and many other industries too.

A privately held software technology company the founders have always had a passion for technology innovation and working with creative, innovative and capable individuals and organisations. Their goal is to make it simple for developers to build solutions to reach their audience in real-time at scale.


Our objective was to create patented technology (US20160150370A1) that could be used by all developers in a digital world to not only eliminate spam but importantly to balance the power of digital reach from the global incumbents that include google and facebook to customers that own their audience.  In doing so we hope to provide a new and innovative way for customers to leverage their audience for their own benefit directly creating a digital real-time marketplace.

In summary our patented technology provides an event notification system made up of:

  • Server software which can receive multiple commercial events (limited by time and location) from multiple vendors for viewing by multiple consumers, whose identities are previously unknown to the vendors.
  • Server software which can detect the location of devices held by previously unknown consumers at any given time.
  • Software which can generate geographic boundaries around multiple commercial events.
  • Software which can combine the boundary information for the events and live location information for the consumer to determine whether to send a message to a given consumers at a given time.

There are also some further technical claims relating to how we determine the location and the methods we use for pinging the devices.

In short, our patent protects the core ability to create location and time limited events, to know the locations of users and to message users once they are within the time and geographic limits of those events.