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wi - welcome interruption

A patented location services platform for developers to engage their audience at scale in real-time.

Patented Technology packaged in a Software Development Kit that lets your developers get to work simply and quickly to integrate with your apps. .

Real-time location services and a platform that makes it easy to capture data analytics, drive customer engagement and build real-time, personalized and relevant solutions when it matters most when you know they are there.

Now there’s no more guessing, just real-time location services that allows you to engage and enhance your customers’ experience with a welcome interruption.

We provide the technology platform

That enables you to integrate and drive engaging and valuable experiences.

What’s wi?

wi (welcome interruption) is a location services platform with a really important capability unlike no other.  It’s real-time!

It’s as revolutionary as google real-time maps was to the TomTom.  Does the TomTom even exist now? So think about what that means for marketers.  Now without relying on historical data and analytics or waiting and hoping for someone to walk through a geo-fence you can in real-time reach your customer at the right moments, in the right place with the right offer or message.

Once you integrate the wi platform you will have:

  • a real-time insight into the current location of all your customers
  • the ability to deliver any message to those customers based on their current location
  • the ability to create any campaign in any location at any time
  • real-time monitoring of take-up and effectiveness
  • the ability to grant access to your customer base to your suppliers and sponsors

wi difference

wi is real time.  That means you get to see your customers in real time and engage your ideal customers by providing a welcome interruption (not spam) at exactly the right time and in exactly the right place at scale.

Importantly we wanted to make it simple for you to leverage your existing apps and sales, marketing and content platforms by making it simple to quickly embed in your app and integrate the investments you have made to date.

You can also monetize that real-time digital reach because wi provides a business to consumer exchange capability.  Making it easy for your advertisers or sponsors to leverage your digital reach.

REAL-TIME view of exactly where customers are right now (knowing not guessing)
REAL-TIME location monitoring and delivery
Infinite location selection and dynamic creation in REAL-TIME
REAL-TIME customer monitoring and analytics
REAL-TIME self service advertising platform
Light weight SDK with REAL-TIME location updates that uses latest tech re resource usage.

wi’s goal is to help you reach your customers in REAL-TIME providing a personalized and engaging experience with immediacy and call to action capability while leveraging existing investments in other customer insight’s platforms. For e.g. salesforce, sitecore, etc

How wi works

wi was designed with the developer in mind to integrate the capability within their existing app and leverage the eco-system of information that you have about your customers in existing sales, marketing, loyalty platforms or any other real-time location services application.

The wi technology can be easily embedded inside your app enabling you to reach your customers in real-time.  You can then use the wi dashboard to automate real-time marketing tasks or even build your own and integrate it to other systems enabling you to personalize your welcome interruption at an individual level.

Other Features

  • Notifications based on location (single or multiple)
  • General push notifications to everyone + alternative notification mechanism to support google/apple wallets, email and sms.
  • Notification by campaigns using user defined fields (retrieved from app or external system
  • Flexible event creation and management
  • Timed events
  • Notify at start of event or end of event
  • Notification limits
  • Support for images associated with notification
  • Support for rich notifications (video etc)Support for deep linking to specific app pages
  • Support for listing all notifications sent to a device (via api)Analytics on uptake to measure success of campaign; and, user behavior
  • REST based API exposing all functionality of server
  • Flexible interface options to support bar-code generation, redemption recording etc